School Board

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The Malkara School Board operates under the ACT's Education ACT 2004, and comprises elected representatives of the whole school community - parents, staff and community members.

The Board has a range of important governance roles, including to:

  • establish strategic directions and priorities for the school
  • develop, maintain and review curriculum
  • establish budgetary priorities
  • make recommendations to the Chief Executive on issues affecting the school
  • develop relationships between the school and the community

Nominations for positions on the Malkara School Board are requested as positions become available. Meetings are held approximately twice a term.

Current Board composition:

  • Nicole Mackey (Chair) - Parent Representative
  • Jillian Reay-Smith - Parent Representative
  • Allison Chapman - Principal
  • Michelle Fitzgibbon - Executive Officer
  • Janelle Munson  - Elected Staff Member