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Our newsletter Malkara Matters provides details of school news, community events and information for parents and carers.

Please ring Malkara on 02 61420266  if you wish to receive regular copies of the school newsletter by email.

Term 3 2018

Malkara Matters Edition 9 (PDF 5.9 MB)

Malkara_Matters_Edition_8_2018 (PDF 3.6 MB)

Term 2 2018

Malkara_Matters_Edition_7_2018 (PDF 2.6 MB)

Malkara_Matters_Edition_6_2018 (PDF 3.3 MB)

Malkara_Matters_Edition_5_2018 (PDF 3.6 MB)

Term 1 2018

Malkara_Matters_Edition_4_2018 (PDF 3.1 MB)

Malkara_Matters_Edition_3_2018.pdf (PDF 6.2 MB)

Malkara_Matters_Edition_2_2018.pdf (PDF 2.9 MB)