Malkara teachers are qualified, experienced professionals. All teachers meet the professional requirements for teaching in ACT public schools. Several have postgraduate qualifications, including masters level degrees. All have extensive experience in teaching students with a disability.

At present Malkara School has an enrolment of 82 students with 13 groups. The school has over 50 staff comprising:

Principal - Allison Chapman

Deputy Principal - Dagmar Martin

Business Manager - Michelle Fitzgibbon

Two Executive Teachers - Janelle Munson Katrina Harding

Learning Support Assistants

Administration Manager - Michelle Lorkovic

Counsellor - Lyn Moorhouse

School Chaplain - Andrea de Vaal Horciu

Building Service Officer - Mark Butterfield

Staff List

Teal 1Sammy WongCaitlyn Herringe, Jane McIanlly (odd Wed), Tanya McMillan(even Wed, Th, F), Kirrily(M,Tu)
Lime 1Sonia ZeylemakerGabrielle Soulsby and Veronica Plunkett
PinkSandy Bates-Ineson Amanda Wallace
WhiteKerry BurgessRobyn Bernau and Amanda Fabrizio (W, Th, F)
BlueEmmaley GreeneLyn Adam, Laura (M, W, Th), Donna (T), Ben (F)
MauveKatrina HardingBev Murrell and Slna
RedCarolyn Copper and Jonathan WhiteViv Gladman, Samantha Thompson, Fiona Smith
GreenRachel RobinsonNicole Houghton (M, T, Th, F) Fiona Wilson (T, W, Th, F) Anna Chapman
EmeraldMaciline MoyoJenna Parsons and Sheree Smyth
SilverCharmayne TinklerAnnette Howes, Kieryn Vance (T, F) and Judith Sands (M, W, Th)
LilacAmanda Andriolo and Janelle MunsonJane McInally (M, T),  Natalie Hancock Rebecca King & Clare Reid (W, Th, F)
PurpleManpreet AulakhDarren Robinson and Margaret Antcliff
AquaSamintha PathiranageNatalia Razvalieava and Tori Bertram
Additional StaffMargie McEwan - Art Teacher
Johnathan White - Music Specialist

Judith Sands and Kieryn Vance - Hydrotherapy

Caitlyn Herringe - Floater

Jane Sandeman - Library

Jane Sandeman - Administration (WL)

Trish Riley, Viv Gladman, Rebecca King, Tanya McMillan - HAAS

Our teachers maintain a rigorous program of professional learning which extends beyond minimum departmental requirements. Supported by the school's Parents and Citizens Association, staff are afforded opportunities to travel interstate to conferences or for school visits, and expert speakers are brought to Malkara. Whenever possible, these in-house professional learning opportunities are shared with our colleagues from other ACT specialist schools and therapy providers.

Each class group is supported by at least one Learning Support Assistant(LSA), to deliver quality educational programs and provide high quality care throughout the day. The LSAs work under the direction of the teacher.  They are encouraged to develop their skills in educational support for students with a disability such as Pragmatically Organised Dynamic Display (PODD), Boardmaker and 1:1 teaching strategies. Malkara maintains a low student to staff ratio.

Student health needs are met by trained LSAs, in collaboration with ACT Directorate of Health nurses. Individualised plans are developed in partnership with families and other health professionals.The ACT Directorate of Education also provides specialist support teachers on a consultative basis for students with vision and hearing impairments. Malkara School works with private providers of therapy to support individual students.

If your child has a known medical condition that requires a specific response, such as , asthma, anaphylaxis and epilepsy, it is important that the school receives a response plan completed and signed by a medical practitioner. This can be in the form of a traditional emergency management plan for these conditions, or a 'Known Medical Condition Response Plan'. In the absence of these forms, standard first aid will be given.

If your child requires any medication administered at the school, including medications listed in the Known Condition Response Plan or Emergency Management Plan, you will need to complete a Medical Authorisation Administration Record. All medication must be in the original packaging, with the child's name and dosage clearly visible.