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Malkara School continues to integrate ICT into our teaching and learning programs. The focus of our ICT is to further personalise learning for students to support them to achieve their individual learning goals. Currently students at Malkara use a variety of technology including iPads and Interactive Whiteboards. As technology changes we continue to upgrade our resources and skills to provide high quality integration of ICT into each student's learning.

Interactive Whiteboards

The school currently has interactive whiteboards in all classrooms. This technology enables partcipation in engaging, accessible programs for larger number of students who can interact with the information and visually attractive displays.


Every class has a number of iPads which are currently being used as shared resources. Teachers work with students using the iPads for a range of curriculum areas including literacy and numeracy and for communication as well. We are continuing to see the iPads as being highly engaging tool for students and we are further developing ways 

As a high-engagement tool for hard to engage students

As a voice output communication device for students with limited or no speech.

Click on the iPad app link for a list of iPad apps that are being used at Malkara.