Malkara teachers are qualified, experienced professionals. All teachers meet the professional requirements for teaching in ACT public schools. Several have postgraduate qualifications, including masters level degrees. Across the school we have extensive experience in teaching students with a disability.

At present Malkara School has an enrolment of 74 students with 13 groups. The school has over 50 staff comprising:

Our teachers maintain a rigorous program of professional learning which extends beyond minimum departmental requirements. Supported by the school's Parents and Citizens Association, staff are afforded opportunities to travel interstate to conferences or for school visits, and expert speakers are brought to Malkara. Whenever possible, these in-house professional learning opportunities are shared with our colleagues from other ACT specialist schools and therapy providers.

Each class group is supported by at least one Learning Support Assistant(LSA), to deliver quality educational programs and provide high quality care throughout the day. The LSAs work under the direction of the teacher.  They are encouraged to develop their skills in educational support for students with a disability such as Pragmatically Organised Dynamic Display (PODD), Boardmaker and 1:1 teaching strategies. Malkara maintains a low student to staff ratio.

Student health needs are met by trained LSAs, in collaboration with ACT Directorate of Health nurses. Individualised plans are developed in partnership with families and other health professionals. The ACT Directorate of Education also provides specialist support teachers on a consultative basis for students with vision and hearing impairments. Malkara School works with private providers of therapy to support individual students.