Vision and Values


Signature Behaviours

The values we practice at Malkara

Staff at Malkara are committed to demonstrating the behaviours listed below at all times.


  • ensure quality time for each student, every day
  • see the child first and the disability second
  • don't talk about the students in their presence without including them in the conversation
  • tell children what we are going to do to them before we do it
  • promote independence by letting each student 'have a go' first before offering assistance
  • demonstrate respect for our teaching space and times by not interrupting when learning is happening
  • protect student's dignity at all times
  • allow children the time they need to respond
  • respond to each response, whether intentional or not.

'Development, achievement and contribution in all areas of life.'

All children have the right to an appropriate, challenging education which opens up individual potential for growth and development. Towards this end, learning programs at Malkara focus on curriculum content as well as developing each student's potential for independence and self-determination and maximising their capacity to communicate and be understood.

Mission Statement

The Malkara School community works together to provide a positive, student-centred learning environment that enables students to develop towards their full potential and be valued and contributing members of society.