Medical Information

Student health needs are met by trained LSAs, in collaboration with ACT Directorate of Health nurses. Individualised plans are developed in partnership with families and other health professionals. The ACT Directorate of Education also provides specialist support teachers on a consultative basis for students with vision and hearing impairments. Malkara School works with private providers of therapy to support individual students.

All students will require a 'Medical Information and Consent Form' to be completed each year. If your child has a known medical condition that requires a specific response, such as asthma, anaphylaxis, ADHD and epilepsy, it is important that the school receives a response plan completed and signed by a medical practitioner. This can be in the form of a traditional emergency management plan for these conditions, or a ‘Known Medical Condition Response Plan’. In the absence of these forms, standard first aid will be given.

If your child requires any medication administered at school on an ongoing basis, including medications listed in the Known Condition Response Plan or Emergency Management Plan, you will need to complete a 'Medical Authorisation  - Ongoing Medication’ form with your health professional.  A separate form is required for each long term medication.

If your child needs short term medication, eg antibiotics for 7 days, a ‘Medical Authorisation  - Short Term Medication’ form is to be completed. All medication must be in the original packaging, with the child’s name, dosage and prescribing doctor clearly visible.

Medical Information and Consent Form

Known Medical Condition Response Plan

Medical Authorisation - Ongoing Medication

Medical Authorisation - Short Term Medication